Natasha E Walter-Fisk, LMFT California, LPC Colorado
Cell phone: 415-806-7977 California
Google voice: 720-446-6150 Colorado
Free 20-minute consultation

Before we begin therapy together, we will have no-charge, 20-minute video consultation to talk about what you would like to work on, what you hope to accomplish and get a feel for one another. If we have a good therapist / counselor-client match, we’ll schedule an appointment.

Prospective clients

You may contact me at the above email or phone numbers through unsecured communication to arrange a consultation.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Ethics dictate that therapists / counselors maintain confidentiality and help clients to protect their privacy.  Hence, it is preferable to use secure, encrypted communication to contact me.

If you do not already have a secure, encrypted email provider, I recommend that you set up a free account with to communicate with me and other healthcare providers. Check out’s philosophy. Starting an account takes about 5 minutes.

Please be aware that Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, and most other free email and messaging services read the contents of your communication and track your internet usage in order to send you targeted advertising. does not. Also remember that most employers monitor your work email. Therefore, it is not private.  In all cases, please do not include information about your concerns or any other health information in introductory emails.  That’s the online reality we are dealing with currently; I’m sorry.

Current Clients

You become a client once we have consulted by video, scheduled and completed our first session. Please use secure, encrypted communication such as, Signal or other service that does not read your email or your contacts to communicate with me.


If someone you know has an issue and you’d like them to get help dealing with it, I hope you will let them know that help is available from many sources and there is hope for everyone. People often feel more comfortable taking action when they have a few choices. Too much might overwhelm them; too little might make them feel constrained. You could show them my website and a couple of others and show them a few resources online. There’s a lot of help out there. I offer all potential clients a free, 20-minute video-conference consultation so we can check in, chat briefly about what they want to deal with, and determine whether we would work well together.