IMPORTANT NOTICE Due to government mandated restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, in-person therapy is currently unavailable. Please schedule a session online or come back here once the restrictions are…

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Lockdown, shelter in place, coronavirus, worries, flashbacks… With all this time stuck at home, our thoughts can become bothersome. Do you need someone who understands, who can help you cope?…

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E-mail or Message-Based

Some people prefer to communicate by email or text messages. Spend 10 minutes a day or more, composing and reading (or listening to), watching a message from me and I’ll…

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By phone

If you just don’t like video or your Wi-Fi doesn’t have enough capacity, how about phone sessions via Signal’s confidential, secure, encrypted app? FREQUENCY Progress depends on momentum. It is…

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Maintaining Friendships and Family Connection

It’s hard to leave and it’s hard to stay connected. But if you make an effort, you will have some…

Being an expat can be lonely

Before you go, join Facebook groups in the nearest city where you’re going. Search for your favorite activities. Visit…


You don’t know how long you’re going to stay. You pack the basics. You’re a nomad and you want to…




Natasha E Walter-Fisk, LMFT California, LPC Colorado



Before we begin therapy together, please either email me or schedule a video consultation to talk about what you would like to work on, what you hope to accomplish and explore whether we’re a good fit.


If you email me, please let me know when you are available to talk by phone, WhatsApp or Signal. Please send me also your contact information. I will respond to your e-mail within one business day, Monday to Friday.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Ethics dictate that therapists / counselors maintain confidentiality and help clients to protect their privacy. If you do not already have a secure, encrypted email provider, I recommend that you use to contact me and other healthcare providers. Starting a free account takes about 5 minutes. Facebook and most free email and messaging services read your messages, data-mine your contacts and your contacts’ contacts, and track your internet usage in order to send you targeted advertising. ( does not.) Also, almost all employers monitor work emails. That’s the reality we are dealing with these days; I’m sorry.

Becoming A Client

You become a client once we have consulted by video, scheduled and completed our first session.


If someone you know has an issue, I hope you will let them know that there is hope for everyone. People often feel more comfortable taking action when they have a few choices. Too much might overwhelm them; too little might make them feel constrained. You could show them my website and a couple of others. There’s a lot of help out there.

Privacy Policy

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