About Me

  • Colorado Licensed Professional Counselor 5742
  • California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 47582
  • Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP)
  • Master’s level certificates in Creative Expression and Spiritual Guidance also from ITP
  • Let’s Deal With It, Counseling
  • Crisis Center, Summitstone, Fort Collins, CO
  • Mobile Crisis, Community Reach, Adams County, CO
  • Family partnerships with youth on probation and Spanish-speaking parents, Larimer County, CO
  • Larimer County Disparities Reduction Committee, Larimer County, CO
  • Adolescent Day Treatment, Braun School, San Rafael, CA
  • Residential Care Facility for the Elderly, AgeSong, San Francisco, CA
In February 2018, I took some time off work and went to Mexico.  It was such an adventure: the people, the weather, the beach, the language and culture… A Facebook group, Digital Nomads Playa del Carmen, opened up a window on a possible world.  Other Facebook groups showed me that there are therapists around the globe offering online therapy / counseling and I could be one of them.  So here I am today, offering online therapy / counseling to English speaking people around the world and US residents of California and Colorado.
The travel bug bit me young.  My family started camping every summer when I turned 3.  In seventh grade, I adored French class.  In Quebec on a family trip, I felt like I had discovered a parallel dimension when I realized that there was a whole province full of people conducting lives in French! In my teens, my family considered a fellowship in Manchester, England.  Enthusiastically, I lobbied for us to go.  The reality was hard, but it didn’t stop me.  Next, I learned Spanish and lived in Mexico, then Italian in Italy.  Now I’m enchanted by Poland, of all places:  The complicated, war-torn, religion-influenced, trauma-filled history; the architecture; the cultural influences of Austria, France, and Italy; dirt roads, biking and walking trails; the beauty, and the wide variety of delicious deserts.  In between all these countries and adventures, I’ve lived in Massachusetts, Maine, New Mexico, California, and Colorado. I’m proud to say that I’ve hiked the whole John Muir Trail, half of the Colorado Trail, 28 out of Colorado’s 54 14ers (peaks over 14,000 feet, 4267 meters), and taken long bike trips.
Filling the well or recharging our batteries are ways of describing how we get our energy back.  Mindfulness, meditation, T’ai Chi, Reiki, being in nature, reading, writing, journaling, admiring art, travel, good conversation, being with friends and family all recharge my batteries.
Enough about me! If I sound like a therapist / counselor you would like to work with, please contact me. (See below.) We’ll talk about how you would work best with a therapist / counselor, your likes and dislikes, your challenges and joys, and your concerns.  If we’re a good fit, we’ll get to work and deal with them!