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You don’t need to stay stuck or suffer alone; I can help.

You’re in the right place for online therapy for
stress, worry, anxiety, and eliminating panic attacks.
I serve
  • California residents
  • Colorado residents
  • English-speakers around the world*

Are you feeling stressed out? Burnt out? Do you worry too much about too many things? Do you wish you could say what you think, express how you feel? Do you have panic attacks or anxiety attacks? Are you ready to make a change, heal, and feel better?

We can deal with your issue(s), together, in secure, encrypted, confidential online therapy. All you need is a device and connectivity. Call it online therapy, online counseling, telehealth, telemental health, tele behavioral health, telepsychology, synchronous video therapy or counseling, video conferencing therapy or counseling, virtual therapy or counseling, Zoom therapy, Skype therapy, it comes down to us connecting online and working together to help you feel better…

My style is collaborative, enthusiastic, energetic, real, and a little intense because I care so much.

My clients tend to feel just a little bit different… But they all have stress and anxiety in common.


Please email me at natwalterfisk@protonmail.com to schedule a free 20-minute consultation.

* In order for me to provide therapy outside the US, the laws of the country where you reside must permit me to provide remote therapy.

Photo by NWalter-Fisk: Dawn on the way up Long’s Peak, Colorado 14,259 feet elevation


I can help.  I have a very good success rate, especially with stress, panic, anxiety, and trauma–and the relationship problems and occasional depression that comes with anxiety spectrum concerns or trauma.

Over the years, I have developed skills and methods that really work.  I have helped hundreds of people one to one.  My high success rate, in part, is due to the fact that I work well with people who have stress, anxiety, panic and trauma issues.  The success is also due to the fact that people with stress, anxiety, panic and trauma tend to have a number of personal strengths.  You may not think you are smart and you may not be aware of your strengths yet.  That’s ok.  I just want you to know that these issues tend to be more amenable to change than other issues.

Photo: NWalter-Fisk, Alpenglow on the John Muir Trail, Colorado

About Me


I am a mature therapist with over a decade of experience and success working with stress, anxiety, and getting rid of panic attacks.

  • California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) 47582
  • Colorado Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) 5742
  • Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (MACP), Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP)
  • Master’s Certificates: Creative Expression and Spiritual Guidance, ITP
  • Let’s Deal With It, Counseling
  • Crisis Center, Summitstone, Larimer County, CO
  • Mobile Crisis, Community Reach, Adams County, CO
  • Family partnerships with youth on probation and Spanish-speaking parents, Larimer County, CO
  • Larimer County Disparities Reduction Committee, Larimer County, CO
  • Adolescent Day Treatment, Braun School, San Rafael, CA
  • Residential Care Facility for the Elderly, AgeSong, San Francisco, CA

What better way to be mobile and still connect regularly with your therapist? All you need is a device and a good internet connection. We both can travel!


In 2018, I went on an adventure to Mexico.  I loved the people, the weather, the language and the culture… Digital Nomads Playa del Carmen Facebook group, Sonia Jaeger’s Location Independent Therapists and Dr. Amber Lyda’s Online Therapists Group opened up windows on a new world. I discovered I could offer online therapy and travel!

In the last 12 months, I’ve been to Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Morocco. And I was still able to stay in touch with clients!

The travel bug bit me young.  My family started camping every summer when I turned 3.  As a teen in Quebec I felt like I had discovered a parallel dimension full of people conducting lives in French!

Then I went to high school for two years in Manchester, England. The reality was hard, but I still yearned for the expat life.  When I was 19, I learned Spanish and lived in Mexico. When I was 30 I learned Italian and lived in Perugia, Italy.  In between those adventures, I’ve lived in Massachusetts, Maine, New Mexico, California, and Colorado.

how do you relax?

Guided meditation, breathing, reading, being alone, being in nature, journaling, admiring art, being creative helps me. What about you?

what do you enjoy?
I love to hike and bike and travel. And you?
Here are some of the outdoor accomplishments I’m proud of:
Bike touring / camping trip 3 months in Europe
John Muir Trail, 211 miles+ Yosemite-Mt Whitney-Whitney Portal
Colorado Trail, 200+ miles Waterton Canyon-Segment 12+

Colorado’s 14ers: hiked 28 of 54 peaks>14,000 ft  (4267 m)


How do you refill the well? How do you recharge your batteries? Reading, being alone, spending time with friends and family, good food, being in nature, journaling, admiring art, travel, good conversation, mindfulness, meditation, creative expression, recharge my energy. What gives you energy?


How do you manage stress? How do you get through a panic attack? I can help you learn to stop worrying and relax. I can help you eliminate panic attacks. I can teach you skills that reduce anxiety. I can help you understand how you work and how to help yourself feel better. So yes, I can help you feel better. The happiness follows.

20-minute consult

If I sound like a therapist / counselor you would like to work with, let’s set up a 20 minute consultation. In the consult, we’ll talk about what is going on with you, what changes you hope to make, and explore whether we’re a good fit.  If we are, we’ll deal with your concerns, together!

Please email me at natwalterfisk@protonmail.com to set up a free, 20 minute consult.

Photo: Sun coming through the clouds, NWalter-Fisk


Natasha E Walter-Fisk
Secure, encrypted email: natwalterfisk@protonmail.com
California: 1 415-806-7977
Colorado: 1-720-446-6150
Free 20-minute consultation
Before we begin therapy together, we will have no-charge, 20-minute video consultation to get a feel for one another and see if we have a good therapist / counselor-client match.
Prospective clients
You may contact me at the above email or phone number through unsecured communication to arrange a consultation.  However, I would encourage you to use encrypted communication to contact me. If you do not already have a secure, encrypted email provider, it is in the interests of your privacy to set up a free account with ProtonMail to communicate with me and other healthcare providers. Please be aware that Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, and most other free email and messaging services read the contents of your communication in order to send you targeted advertising.  (Rant deleted.)  ProtonMail does not.  Work email is monitored by your employer and is not private.  In all cases, please do not include information about your concerns or any other health information.  That’s the reality we are dealing with; I’m sorry.
Current clients
Please use encrypted communication such as ProtonMail or other service that does not read your email or your contacts.

If someone you care about has an issue and you’d like them to get help dealing with it, I hope you will let them know that help is available from many sources and there is hope for everyone.  People often feel more comfortable taking action when they have a few choices.  Too much might overwhelm them; too little might make them feel constrained.  You could show them my website and a couple of others and show them a few resources online.  There’s a lot of help out there.  I offer all potential clients a free, 20-minute, video-conference consultation so we can check in, chat briefly about what they want to deal with, and determine whether we would work well together.

Photo: GFisk. Sunset on Horsetooth, Fort Collins, Colorado/div>


Coping skills to the rescue: Compartmentalizing decreases stress, anxiety, trauma

I teach you ways to reduce anxiety, stress, or symptoms of trauma or PTSD before we start dealing directly with traumatic experiences using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). We spend a significant amount of time laying a foundation of strength and resilience before we start to work through the trauma. I do this by helping …