Natasha E Walter-Fisk, LMFT California, LPC Colorado

Cell phone: +1 415-806-7977 California
Google voice: +1 720-446-6150 Colorado

Free 20-minute consultation

Before we begin therapy together, we will have no-charge, 20-minute video consultation to talk about what you would like to work on, what you hope to accomplish and get a feel for one another. If we have a good therapist / counselor-client match, we’ll schedule an appointment.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Ethics dictate that therapists / counselors maintain confidentiality and help clients to protect their privacy.  If you do not already have a secure, encrypted email provider, I recommend that you use to contact me and other healthcare providers. Starting a free account takes about 5 minutes.

Facebook and most free email and messaging services read your messages, data-mine your contacts and your contacts’ contacts, and track your internet usage in order to send you targeted advertising. ( does not.) Also, most employers monitor work emails. That’s the online reality we are dealing with these days; I’m sorry.

Becoming A Client

You become a client once we have consulted by video, scheduled and completed our first session.


If someone you know has an issue, I hope you will let them know that there is hope for everyone. People often feel more comfortable taking action when they have a few choices. Too much might overwhelm them; too little might make them feel constrained. You could show them my website and a couple of others. There’s a lot of help out there.